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FOCUS4 is a molecularly stratified, multi-site randomised trial programme for patients with colorectal cancer opening in the UK in 2014.

The FOCUS4 programme is designed to identify and register eligible patients, perform a set of molecular tests on a sample of their tumour and then enrol them into a specific randomised trial based on the results of the molecular tests. Each molecularly stratified trial aims to compare a novel intervention to placebo or standard care. Please follow the links on the left for detailed information on the trial.


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Latest Recruitment
FOCUS4 opened to recruitment in January 2014.
Total Patients registered : 424
Total Patients randomised : 113


  • February 2016 - FOCUS4-B opens to recruitment
  • January 2014: Open to Registration Recruitment for 4-5 years followed by 2 years follow-up
  • September 2013: Second launch meeting in Leeds
  • August-September 2013: Site set up
  • July 2013: First launch meeting in London
  • May 2013: Ethics approval obtained
  • April 2013: MHRA approval obtained
  • March 2013 : Funding contracts signed
  • July 2012: Grant award email from EME
  • Feb 2012: Approved by MRC/NIHR EME Programme for intention to fund
  • November 2011: approved by CR-UK as a flagship trial for biomarker driven multi-arm, multi-stage design

Launch Meetings

17th September 2013 - Devonshire Hall,Leeds                                                                                                                                        9th July 2013 - Wellcome Collection, London

Launch meeting agenda