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FOCUS4 is a molecularly stratified, multi-site randomised trial programme for patients with colorectal cancer opening in the UK in 2014.

The FOCUS4 programme is designed to identify and register eligible patients, perform a set of molecular tests on a sample of their tumour and then enrol them into a specific randomised trial based on the results of the molecular tests. Each molecularly stratified trial aims to compare a novel intervention to placebo or standard care. Please follow the links on the left for detailed information on the trial.

FOCUS4 News!


On Friday 30th June FOCUS4 opened a new molecular cohort that will be testing the efficacy of AZD1775, a WEE1 inhibitor, in patients whose tumours are identified as either having loss of the protein H3K36me3 or a double genetic mutation in the RAS and P53 genes. These molecular profiles identify tumours which may be especially vulnerable to WEE1 inhibition thanks to a 'synthetic lethality' interaction, so we hypothesise that AZD1775 will be an effective anticancer agent for these patients. Please see our FOCUS4-C Protocol for more details.


Don't forget that changes to the Registration Eligibility Criteria came into effect on 30/06/2017. These  changes were submitted as part of Substantial Ammendment 11. The current eligibility criteria are defined in Master Protocol Version 4.0. Please ensure that your site are using the current correct version of the Registration Eligibility checklist (Version 5.0) when registering patients into FOCUS4.


Be sure check out the FOCUS4 DVD here


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Latest Recruitment
FOCUS4 opened to recruitment in January 2014.
Total Patients registered : 741
Total Patients randomised : 196


  • June 2017 - FOCUS4-C opens to recruitment
  • February 2016 - FOCUS4-B opens to recruitment
  • January 2014: Open to Registration Recruitment for 4-5 years followed by 2 years follow-up
  • September 2013: Second launch meeting in Leeds
  • August-September 2013: Site set up
  • July 2013: First launch meeting in London
  • May 2013: Ethics approval obtained
  • April 2013: MHRA approval obtained
  • March 2013 : Funding contracts signed
  • July 2012: Grant award email from EME
  • Feb 2012: Approved by MRC/NIHR EME Programme for intention to fund
  • November 2011: approved by CR-UK as a flagship trial for biomarker driven multi-arm, multi-stage design

Launch Meetings

17th September 2013 - Devonshire Hall,Leeds                                                                                                                                        9th July 2013 - Wellcome Collection, London

Launch meeting agenda