FOCUS4 is a molecularly stratified, multi-site randomised trial programme for patients with colorectal cancer opened to recruitment in the UK in 2014.

The FOCUS4 programme is designed to identify and register eligible patients, perform a set of molecular tests on a sample of their tumour and then enrol them into a specific randomised trial based on the results of the molecular tests. Each molecularly stratified trial aims to compare a novel intervention to placebo or standard care. Please follow the links above for detailed information on the trial.


Aims & Objectives

The primary research objectives fall into 3 main categories:

  • Clinical Benefit
  • Trial Design Improvement
  • Biomarker Research
Objectives in detail
Eligibility for Participation

As with all clinical trials, there are a set of criteria that patients need to meet before they can be offered entry into the trial. Sites must comply with the inclusion criteria to be considered.

Eligibility: Patients Eligibility: Sites
Investigators Area

Access all the required documentation for site set-up such as: :

  • Ethics approval documents
  • MHRA approval documents
  • R&D approval documents
  • Protocol Amendments
Members Area
Are you interested in participating in FOCUS4?

Find out if you can participate in FOCUS4 and which current UK Hospitals are currently recruiting.



Target Recruitment

FOCUS4 aims to register 2400 and randomise at least 1536 patients from over 100 hospitals across the whole of the UK.


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Overall Recruitment

FOCUS4 started recruitment in January 2014, and is currently open to recruitment

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Centre Recruitment

There are 94 sites open in the UK recruiting to FOCUS4.



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Trial Committees and Investigators

There are a number of committees involved with the oversight of the trial.

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